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 A beautiful wedding at Southend Barn Donnington Chichester - photographed by Justine Claire Photography
My packages include my expertise and my beautiful camera equipment which I have invested in to give you the most astounding set of pictures.  After the day is over it is essential you have the most gorgeous set of photographs to look back over to remind you of your most important day in your life.  

Please drop me an email on the CONTACT tab and send me a little information about your day and i will send you the full price list, prices do vary depending on the day of the week that you choose, the time of year and the coverage required.

All the Wedding Collections include:

My loving care and attention on the day to create the most gorgeous set of images for you!

A pre wedding consultation

An online gallery to share with family and friends

A set of social media sharing files too

All your lovely images from the day fully edited in my own unique style and the hi res versions delivered on a USB stick

Im Fully insured!

Travel within 50 miles or there abouts!

Maybe you want an engagement shoot : 

Try a few key poses before your wedding day?  Its a bit of fun and an opportunity for us to get to know eachother.  Some couples really love this pre wedding shoot.  Its not necessary for every couple, but it can give some couples a bit of reassurance before they strutt their stuff!   ( within 10 miles of Arundel)


A popular option over the last few seasons has been to add the wedding album element to the gift list - if you would like to do this I am happy to set up an Album Gift account for you

 Patricks Barn

Patricks Barn

Choosing the right wedding photographer can be daunting.......


- There are so many websites and photographers ! But I do ask you to think carefully about what your wedding photographer and their photographs mean to you.   You need to spend the day with the photographer so its important to to feel you have chosen someone who you feel comfortable with,  All my feedback over the years has reassured me that I have put people at their ease, always been approachable , friendly and helpful.  I think with my 12 years experience in the business I should point out that this is an important part of being the best wedding photographer.  I do hear horror stories at weddings when guests or brides to be who meet me, say they have been to a wedding and the photog was a nightmare - bossy, grumpy and unfriendly and worse of all thoroughly intrusive! , and some of the pictures may be nice but who needs that?  It surprises me and actually upsets me because it gives photographers a bad name, so the "nice, curteous" photographers are then restricted at venues because they have probably te'ed off the vicar and secondly they have left a bad memory for the guests.

So make sure you find someone approachable, and flexible

With all the above in mind I love it when I am told by the couple "You were amazing on the day, so many compliments about you from the guests, and yet you were so unobtrusive"  - Well Yes! - that is my job..... Although I love unposed, natural, candid, documentary, reportage photography - in order to get that you need to have a bit of interaction with guests so they think "she's ok" and not "OMG the photographer is lifting her camera in our direction, cover your face or look away"  Trust gained - i can photograph the more relaxed stuff

Experience - I have done over 400 weddings,  Experience is learnt, gained and built upon.  You will probably hear me say the phrase "Maximise your opportunities" in relation to your schedule.  I do this, always searching for what could be amazing, so finding the balance between the "need to have" photography - ie a few Formals! just a few mind with all the really important people and also getting the mixture of reportage stuff.  In experienced photographers or those who think they are photographers and just do it as a second job, probably only do a handful a year, They dont know how to "maximise the opportunities" because they are learning on your wedding.  I agree everyone has to start somewhere - But the prices the new photographers seem to charge with their lack of experinece and small portfolios boggles my mind

So you need to find out, How long? and How many weddings they have covered and ask to see some whole day galleries to see where it differs from the portfolio!! And ask if the portfolio consists of photographs as a primary shooter or where they from wedding where they were assisting because that is a different kettle of fish too!

Check the portfolio continuity - sometimes it seems sooooooo apparant to me they they have only done 5 weddings, or has got their best mate to pose in a wedding dress! LOL - Its true!

Check out the preferred supplier lists for local venues for tried and trusted suppliers! - That is a sure fire way to find photographers with a perfect track record.  

What do you get at the end of it all - Well if you have me for your day i will give you as many images from the day as i can, ( obviously I take out the blinks and goofy ones!) - but between 5-800 images depending on the wedding.  Some photographers restrict or charge for the USB afterwards - Dont be caught out!  You are paying for my time on the day and a weeks editing to deliver you the whole story of your fabulous day.  Im not Lazy and just picking out the best 200 for you - You want all the Story and you shall have it!!

I also make beautiful albums, prints, thank you cards, wall hanging items, acrylic blocks - so once you have your beautiful photos you can decide what you will do with them!- and quality professional printing may be an option for your 'key' pieces!

Hope it all helps.... Take your time, examine the evidence, ask the right questions, consider what lasting memories you want from your wedding and how important the set of photographs are to you and the make your decision on your Photographer

Dont be afraid to ask - I'm happy to help!!

Kind Regards - Look forward to hearing from you

Justine Claire




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