Sussex Wedding Photographers Collective

So Brides and Grooms of Sussex - Where to start on your journey to find the most perfect wedding photographer for you, Well I'm here to help - with my wealth of experience throughout the counties leading venues and working with some of the loveliest suppliers and people Im here to help steer you in the right direction.

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Im always happy to chat through your ideas and recommend only the people who have truly fulfilled or gone beyond the bounds of their duty to fulfil your dreams.  I don't recommend suppliers who didn't perform a great service, didn't look the part, had the wrong attitude or seem so money orientated that you as a customer don't matter at all.  You can rest assured that a recommendation from me comes from years of experience in this business.

It was after several years photographing throughout some gorgeous venues in mainly Sussex that I honed my skills and developed a reputation for my photography - which is truly my passion, - That reputation is earned and I found i was recommended to other clients or new venues based on the delivery of a top product.

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Over the years you also get to recognise some of the top photographers in Sussex, you can also recognise the fly-by-nights, the Uncle Bob's the weekend warriors, the Second shooters, the inexperienced.  Which is why I am in a group of 8 renowned photographers throughout Sussex.  We admire, respect and appreciate eachothers work - we share a common collective, run ideas off each other and chat about new technology!

Most importantly - it is only from these 8 photographers would I choose to recommend to any of my enquiriers.  That is why if I was not available for your date i would more than happily introduce you to my colleagues, so that you could find the best wedding photographer for your day.