Fitzleroi Barn Wedding Photographers

Recommended supplier to Fitzleroi barn after this stunning wedding for Ross and Rachel

We are so lucky in Sussex to have so many beautiful Barn Venues.  Fitzleroi barn near Fittleworth is no exception.  Ross and Rachel were married at Fitzleroi Barn in May and they had a scorchingly hot day - lucky them!  We had the opportunity to use some of the gorgeous backdrops behind the barn for some of the quirky photos.  Its well worth a visit if you are looking for a barn wedding venue in Sussex.

I have been trying to get a wedding at this venue for ages and finally my chance came when my couple found me through google and invited me to join them for their super day - and only once did we hear the FRIENDS theme tune.  Ross and rachel had a lovely group of attentive , fun friends who really made this day special for them and scorching weather to boot, we were lucky.  

I think what is wonderful about photographing weddings is you never know what the wedding party atmosphere will be like on a whole, some groups are quieter, some a little more reserved in the early stages of the day and its part of the art of photographing someones wedding - to get the best out of people without manipulating or overtaking the day.   This was a lively bunch though, so they didn't need any coaxing and the atmosphere was buzzing from the outset.  So when we trundled in our very high footwear ( bridesmaids and bride - not me or the boys) over to the beautiful fields with its extraordinary view of the Downs we had loads of fun taking pictures of the bridal party - They were up for a laugh and wanted to try a few fun shots - the sun was beating down, it was a challenge on the eyes - but their field photos really sum up their personalities and the fun day.

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