Farbridge West Sussex near Chichester

This wedding venue is gorgeous and set in beautiful countryside .  Sussex Wedding photographer - Justine Claire has worked at the barn since 2009.  I think this barn has evolved into an incredibly slick wedding machine since being taken over  a few years ago and it is now one of the major players in Barn wedding venues in sussex.  I think they have tripled the amount of weddings they do here per year which is really incredible,.  It has beautiful backdrops - noone can deny that and the opportunity to take the wedding accomodation on site for overnight - So you can get into the barn around 11 oclock i think but you will need to vacate pronto for the wedding happening the next day..... But its all worth it for the views!

Farbridge - west sussex barn venue wedding photographer

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Farbridge Barn Wedding Jo Tom356.jpg

Courtyard at Farbridge

Farbridge Photographer Wedding Jo Tom478.jpg

Hitch A Lift  - yellow Cab at Farbridge 

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Farbridge Photographer Barn Wedding Jo Tom747.jpg
 First dance - at Farbridge Barn

First dance - at Farbridge Barn

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Ceidhl at Farbridge

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