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A stunning venue like Alexander house needs no introduction really! This venue is near Crawley in Turners Green- it is quite magnificent and beautifully run.  I love the entrance way and i imagine anyone turning up here for the first time would have to utter "Wow" - which is what you want all your wedding guests to say - so that your wedding becomes one of those weddings to remember.  Equally stunning are the views from the back terrace where guests are usually invited to take their reception drinks and if your summer wedding is blistering hot - you have the option of the shade from the beautiful old trees in the grounds.  its always a relief to guests, especially your older guets to be able to step away from the rays of the sun if it gets too intense.

There is also an upper terrace behind the newer additional block that the hotel has bulit with extra-ordinarily lavish suites.  the upper terrace is a jewel of an area covered and surrounded by trees and a lovely area away from everyone else where you can enjoy a celabratory drink after your wedding ceremony.

My couple suffered terrible thunderstorms and flash floods in the morning - but the day turned out perfectly well for them.  the sun was hot and the skies were blue and we did at times seek shelter from the sun - but with such stunning backdrops the photographs looked gorgeous.  the formal photographs were done beneath the shade of the trees and i love them because they have a relaxed feel - which is what I aim for even when i am doing the group family formal photos.

This is what Alexander House has to offer for your wedding in Sussex

"Every couple deserve a wedding day that is nothing less than perfect and at Alexander House you can exchange vows or celebrate in a setting which is truly unforgettable.

With beautifully manicured grounds, unique private spaces and a stunning reception suite with its own private garden, terrace and outdoor wedding gazebo, there are plenty of ways to plan your special day at Alexander House. 

To help organise your wedding reception or civil wedding ceremony you will receive support from Helen and her team of wedding co-ordinators who can help bring your dreams to life.

As a venue, they 'vow' to offer their Bride and Grooms, full professional support and a promise that your Alexander House Wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life. ( and i have to say i have loved all the ones I have been to there!!)

To arrange a show round or speak to one of their wedding co-ordinators who will assist as much as little as you require,  call 01342 859753 or email "

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